Player leaves the game

Several players have left the game in a lost position. No rating change when the time runs out.
What is the reason for that?
It would be reasonable that a player who leaves a game looses the game.
Please respond to this message

Yes. I think that is the bug. I opened topic "Problem when opponent leaves the game ...". You just needed to wait .. I lost some points, too. But, nevertheless, it's bug. I don't know how to report it so i'm writing here ...

#1 If game is casual(Unrated),then rating will not change no matter what was the result.

I highly doubt it's a bug. A link to a game would be nice though.

The player ditch left the game and it was a rated game. I always play rated games and earlier you got rating when a player left a rated game. This does not happen any more. Why do you want a link to a specific game??
Why did it happen earlier that when a player left a rated game you got more rating and now it does not??
This has definitely to do with the server or with a bug what else could it be when it is not casual? Obviously there is other players too with the same problem

I want the link to verify what you are saying. It's very unlikely that this is caused by a bug, but it of course could be. It's impossible to fix a bug if we don't know what's going on.

If a player leaves on move 1 the game is aborted and no rating change happens unless it's a tournament game.

sometimes a player quit the game when goes to a lost position ,, and you can saw hes clock down to zero ,,, but he not loose at this time,,, after the green gauge near of the player name decrease slowly,,, and at this time the game show you the choice of revendicate win or give draw ,,,,,
very strange to not saw a bullet game immédiately ending at clock ending???

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