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Created for training different types of chess endgames. One type of multiple examples in one Study. The number of examples is not final.

Created for Lichess from a website:

Very good.
There should be something like a Link from the Lichess Learn menu to these chess endings so that these examples are not getting lost.

That's fantastic... Just what I've been looking for. I could have 5 pawns against 3 and I always seem to come off worse and lose the game. Anyway, enough about my awful lack of chess skills - have bookmarked your site and will make good use of it.

Yes, even solved the CAPTCHA this time!

Oh, PS:

Your links open in the same window over your blogspot site. If that's intentional and how you prefer it then ignore this comment. If not, it would be better if the link opens in a new tab and then we can just close it when we're done and return to the tab with your exercises.

if you open the link with the middle mouse button (the mouse wheel) instead of the left mouse button, the link will be opened automatically in a new tab.

I don't use a mouse but I can right click and open it that way. I guess it says I've gotten pretty lazy when I'm upset at having to click and choose! I might get out off bed one day... Maybe not.

fixed, it opens in another window

Update study (new examples) : Pawn Endings - King and Pawn vs. King, King and Pawn vs. King and Pawn, King and Two Pawns vs. King and Pawn, King and Three Pawns vs.King and Two Pawns .

Update study (new examples) : Three Pawns vs. Three Pawns, Four Pawns vs. Four Pawns.

Update study (new examples) : King, Bishop and Pawn vs. King, Bishop vs. Three Pawns, Bishop vs. Two Pawns, Bishop and Pawn vs. Bishop .

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