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  3. "Plan moves" feature request

I used to use the "Chess by Post" app, which is much worse than lichess except for one feature: the 'plan moves' feature.

You could click it and move pieces around (both yours and your opponents) to decide what you wanted to do next.

Has this been requested before? Is there a plan to add it?

I want to get my friends over to lichess but I know we all loved that ability.


I assume you mean something like "Conditional premoves" in Correspondence here on lichess. Here's a short video on how to set them up, courtesy of @GnarlyGoat :

Yes, the conditional premoves feature is nice! Unfortunately, the 'analysis board' option is not always available, and even when it is, I'm not sure you can do conditional premoves on mobile.

I've never liked this idea.

Then you no longer are playing and thinking.

Your opponent might as well be playing stockfish.

For sure. I've thought about that. As a relative beginner, it might be nice to have early on, but with the option of disabling it? I definitely see your point though.

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