Perpetual check, still I lost the game

In lost position I managed to produce a perpetual check on the very last seconds. I made over 20 moves and opponent flagged me. This bug definitely should be fixed.

First of all, congratulations! I always wanted to see what would happen if this goes on. It's so obviously a draw that I won't go into specifics. Missing on a claim of threefold repetition draw for so many moves in astounding. I used to think it happens automatically?

Guys, somebody has to claim. Like otb - if there's no arbiter, both move back and forth...

What this means is that both players had "Automatically claim 3fold repetition" disabled and neither clicked the large "Claim draw" button which appears in a web browser. Maybe White was playing on a mobile device using the mobile app and didn't see the button?

in otb games a game is drawn after 5 repetitions even if both player don't claim a draw. This should be implemented into lichess.

(same thing : the 50-move draw applies only if one of the player claims it ; otherwise the game continues until we have 75 moves without captures or pawn moves. Fun fact : i've seen kids refusing to draw KRvKR in a tournament because they both wanted to win ; the arbiter had to count 75 moves until he could stop them. This should be implemented as well)

There is the option to autoclaim draw when time is less than 30 seconds iirc. That would have helped here quite a bit. To be fair to black here he was winning either way and he decided to take the chance and try it the easy way, by flagging instead of thinking. It worked out. The game was -7 before the perpetual.

Sorry for the loss; that really sucks
but did you see a claim repetition button or was it non-existent?