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  3. People who complain about time-wasters

Lichess needs to implement a fix to this problem.
It is clearly stated that such people who abandon their games will be punished for repeated behaviour, and yet people keep making new threads complaining about it.

I suggest some sort of bot which searches newly created threads for phrases such as "time wasters" "leaving game" "clock run out" etc. (Of course, the bot would contain an exception for this thread.)

The thread would then be sent to a "shadow forum" where only other people who had created a similar thread could see it.

I strongly believe this would solve the problem.

Don’t forget the rule ignorants, the take-beggars and the re-machos!

Let's expand that to all topics which include: cheaters, look at my game, 0 0 0 game, some recent GM game, ...

Let's even go so far as to eliminate all except ones about how great lichess is.

Chess content can never be wrong in a chess forum.

Actually, isn't stalling a problem only because of Arena tournaments, which encourage playing as many games as possible?

C'est la internet.

An optimist would notice that all these repeated threads means that we have a steady stream of new users joining :)

And let’s excommunicate all loosers, patzers and wisenheimers.

See on perlmonks or stackoverflow how good this works.

BTW, no one will be here then anymore.

The best bot would read these forum topics and provide humorous responses.

maybe is just me but if your opponent let his clock run out thats only hurting him. u going to win at the end of the game. it could only be so bad if u are playing longer time control which idk why anyone would play longer time control online.

i didn't like the implent of rule that u can get temp banned if u let your clock run out so often.. which to me the clock is like part of the game like getting checkmated. also some players let their clock run out because it hurt them like making a blunder on a winning position or having play equal game for 39 moves and on the 40th move a careless mistake that cause the game etc so many reasons why your opponent would let his clock run out.

So here my suggestion instead of like a temp banned i would have like on a certain time the autobot will auto resign your opponent if he haven't moved.

example if you are playing 60 min game if your opponent haven't moved for 10 min than he get a 10 sec count down after he still hasn't make a move , the auto bot will resign and give u a win.

so like 3 min games if u dont move for 1 min 15 sec u will get 10 sec count down and if u dont move by than u get auto resign. that would i believe solve this issue. lets be honest chess is more than just a game for a lot of us. i dont like the temp banned idea. thats just too cruel. losing chess impact a chess player deep inside your heart and mind and soul. is more than just a fun game to a lot of us.

also like makropoulos say it could affect lichess in a bad way like some players might start leaving the site if they are getting banned for letting their clock run out which is a silliest way to even get banned on chess online.

all in all that makes a cheaters that hasn't got caught cheating look really good on this site.

tldr: new implent rule of getting temp banned if u let clock run out is a silly thing, really not needed , and can affect lichess in a bad way more so than positive thing.

sorry for my english is not my language

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