Page is not responding.

Hey, so there was a rated game which i played when all the sudden the page stopped responding and my opponent won the game because i left the game by force. This made me really mad because it was really an interesting game. If there is any problem with the page please fix it, because it was very annoying.

Have you guys faced this problem, or is it just me?

Here's the game:
The only thing you can do at the moment is to reload the page if you suspect you might be having that error.
There are some known issues with connections that will probably get fixed eventually.
On the off chance you're like me and have an average of 50 Internet tabs open every day, I find that closing half of them has dissolved that error for me, especially if YouTube is one of them. :D Makes me waaaay more prone to that "Reconnecting..." thing.

The nature of the new web-socket tech on this site here also makes connection strengths more saturated in their effect.
Well i had no tabs open when i played but i think the laptop had a bit heated up, and that could have caused the effect of 50 tabs.

And this happened only once, so i guess this rarely happens.

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