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  3. Out of memory at line: 17

Anonymous #1

This is the message I get (from the web) when I click in the games I want to play. So far, the only games I can play are the ones that I create. Why? This problem started two days ago (more less). I
am playing as Anonymous (not registered).

Good luck in fixing this bug, Thibault. Wonderful site! And thank you.

Anonymous #2

Hey, that's weird. What browser do you use? The name and the version number will help me diagnosticate the problem.

^my post

Anonymous #4

Hi Thibault!

My browser is Internet Explorer 8 (version 8.0.6001.18702IC). This warning message is indeed very strange.

I see you post as Anonymous when being Thibault. The same happens to me (I am Ajedrecista and I have just posted again in Perft(13) thread). Please check it.

I know that this is off topic: this morning I have played two 3+0 games and obviously I have created it (if not: appears this message): the contender was controlaltdelete! Quite good and I can only
add a thing that is quite known here: he is not a cheater for sure. I have played two games and, especially on the second (me white) I was even in the position for many moves and I lose because of
blundering a knight... so far, when I resigned the position was 4P vs. N+4P (that knight!). If I have blundered it, maybe (but only maybe) it should end in a draw.

Thanks for this quick response! Excellent client support. Keep your good work Thibault.

Anonymous #5

Of course:

If I have not blundered it, ...

(What a typo....).

Yeah I know controlaltdelete is not a cheater, I enjoy watching his games.

About the bug, there is a quick fix: change your browser. Internet explorer sucks. If you use any of these free modern browsers, everything will go fine: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
Anyone but Internet explorer, which really is a terrible pain for web developers like me.

Anonymous #7

The strange thing is that IE has worked perfectly with LiChess until this week, when works incomplete (because games created by mine are played perfectly)... maybe it is a temporal bug.

I have looked at line 17 of font code (html) and puts this:

<a title="Toggle sound" href="/toggle-sound" id="sound_state" class="available sound_state_on"><span></span></a>

But I think it is not related with this issue. Thanks, anyway, for your effort. See you soon!

Bugs are temporal only I if fix them ;)

The problem here is that I need Internet explorer to study and fix that bug.
I don't have it. It can only be installed on Windows, I don't have Windows.
So... I'm not sure how I will do.
Someone also reported an other bug with ie8: game thumbs not beeing visible.

@Ajedrecista I believe the bug is fixed by now :)

Anonymous #10

Hi Thibault!

I am playing now a game that I do not create! If you can not install Windows, I am really amazed on how you fix this bug (what was wrong with IE8+LiChess?).

Thanks (again) for the quck bug fix! Bye!