Opportunity to flag games with glitches

Lichess must get many people querying strange game behaviour. I just had one where my opponent lost on time.... yet now the record of it says I left the game (no connection issues, and I was here all the time).
Could Lichess include a button to note such problem games? I understand there is nobody available to follow them all up, though it might be useful to spot patterns, fix bugs and server issues.
Plus giving annoyed players a feeling of having done something about it!

The best way to report bugs and glitches is in this very forum. Please paste a link to the game in question, and I'm sure a mod will have a look at it.

If your internet glitched for a moment you have lots of options:

1. Look at your game on a mobile device.

2. Refresh your web page.

3. Look at your profile page and look at the game in progress and see if it's your move.

4. Copy the game URL and paste it into a new browser tab.


There's nothing that LiChess can do about it.

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