opponents who leave the game before the end

I was wondering if something will be done to prevent opponents leaving the game without resigning. I always have to wait for the message to claim victory (which often come so late) ?

Im going to block this kind of players.;-)

Nice ! And what can we do if they are "anonymous" ?

ICC has a 'forfeit' on disconnect option. I think the whole system for warning/banning players for hate-waiting/disconnecting is complicated. I dropped (and then renewed on reflection) my support for the site over this issue. There is a big difference between losing on time in a rapid game with a few seconds on your clock and just not making a move for 3 minutes and losing on time. It's probably worth going into github and looking at the code and seeing if there is an easy answer like "warn/ban" on one set of conditions, but not on others.

Player leaving the game without resigning happens to me 5 times a day at minimum or after every 5. game in average. This is so annoying. I block those guys but it doesn't help. Insteat of warning everybody with a less than 90% finishing rate should be banned or there should be a possibility to block such players in advance.

@Dackelhasser you are so lucky, it's 33% for anonymous games... and i start to think to join another website if nothing is done.

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