Opponents possible moves visualized?

As i miss too much, I would like, while waiting for opponent move, to be able to click on their pieces and see what possible moves it has. As my own pieces do.
Im still working on visualizing all the possible moves, and I think this would help me.

Thanks for a great chess experience!

They probably won't add this to live games as it can be seen as a blunder checker / move checker and in live games you should be doing the analysis in your head.

if you want to practice moving the pieces during your games why not try correspondence, then you enter analysis board while playing and move the pieces all you want. The games are 1+ days per move, but it can be good practice for you.

A blunder checker is exacly what i mean. I do get the point it should be done in one's head. Then again, why then are your own moves visible?
Analysis board on a unfinished game? That sounds like cheating. I have never opened a analysisboard while playing and have no intention of ever doing that.

This is not really what you are asking for, but you can put a position into this page and see *all* the opponents moves on screen at once on little chess boards, from there you can practice finding good moves (as judged by stockfish).

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