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  3. Opponent let HIS time run out and claimed victory...

Hi, first I've reported this user but wondered how common this is. He was in a completely lost position, let all his time run out, and claimed victory!!??
I opened another browser coming back at the game every few seconds, does this mean I have to stare at the screen for 15 minutes?? Here's the game:

I had the same problem. My opponent was milking the clock in totally lost position. I was on YouTube in a different tab. Lichess claims I left the game while I have never done so!
I guess I should be careful to avoid long time controls for online games.
Long time controls are good only for over the board chess!
Here is the game:

Until a few months ago, before playing regularly online, I considered 15 minutes a "short" time control.
Clearly there's something wrong here. If nothing else, I hope at least these users will be banned, as lichess really doesn't need such "players".

Most likely, no action would be taken against these players. This bug is not the fault of players. Hopefully lichess developers will fix this bug soon.
For now, the solution might be "game completion rate" on opponents' profiles. It's prudent to avoid playing games under long time controls with players who have low "game completion rate" percentages on their profiles.

The irony is that I'm the one who had a warning, and this affected my completion rate... (!)

Your game completion rate is still much higher than of your opponent. Yours is 97%, it's same as mine.
Your opponent has only 82%. It's prudent to avoid playing games under long time controls with players who have such low game completion rates.
My opponent has been a very new player. It's like a wild card. I might get anyone when facing such players. The opponnent might be a complete beginner, a Grand Master, or anything in between. Everyone has to start somewhere though. I have taken the risk and suffered the consequences.

It‘s not a bug it‘s a feature. Play your game or do something else. If u surf the internet meanwhile and lose - no mercy.

Not everyone has the patience to wait for a long time for an opponent to move without opening a new tab and doing something else. It's not fair for the server to declare that I left the game without sending me a notification first and giving me the opportunity to come back to the game and make a move. This feature used to work very well before. It no longer works because @Sarg0n broke it.

The point is: The opponent made a move, eventually. You failed to spot that in time because you were tabbed out. Your responsibility.

How to distinguish the case of someone maliciously letting their time run low from the case of someone legitimately taking their time to deeply analyze the position? Because in the latter case, you still have to be present even if nothing happens for many minutes.

If you don't want to play a game that may last 30 minutes, don't queue up for a game that may last 30 minutes.

Do others not get pop-up notifications on their browser when their opponent makes a move? I get the move sound, plus a small pop-up, plus a 3 toned sound notification on my broswer (Brave, a lesser-used one) when I am on another tab when my opponent makes a move. If this feature is not implemented/broken on some browsers I would hope it is fixed/implemented as a priority, as it is very useful for those (I would guess a majority of 20+ minute players) who tab out numerous times per game, especially in winning positions, or simply to change up music selections, etc.

If the system is somehow counting being tabbed out as being dc'ed or leaving the game, I think this is a bad idea for the reasons above, most people can't focus more than a few minutes at a time these days, as much as it might benefit them to do so..

I would agree with the suggestion to be able to limit game seeks/offers to those with a certain % completion rate, just as one can limit seeks to people within a certain ratings range. Having ones attention taken by someone who will not or cannot play a full game is much less fun and instructional than playing those willing and able to make a decent effort at a good game.

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