Opponent disconnects for many minutes and game doesn't give me option to claim victory

Often times I'm playing a game and my opponent disconnects and the game is supposed to ask me if I want to claim victory or not after a few minutes (because who wants to just sit in a chess game with no opponent??) but that option never is presented to me and I have to just sit and wait for my opponent to time out.

Obviously this is a huge waste of my time.

I just played a game of 10+0 and my opponent disconnected with 8:30 left on his clock and it went all the way down to 1:43 before game asked me to claim victory.

What's going on??? Why is the game waiting soooo long to offer me chance to claim victory?

bump... this is still an issue. Just waited 6 minutes for my opponent to time out while they were disconnected.. was never given option to claim victory...

I don't really understand why you consider a six or seven minute wait a problem. If they were to make the wait time shorter then people who accidentally get disconnected for legitimate reasons (such as myself), because their internet acts up and they have to reset it or something like that, would end up having people claim victory on them before they get a chance to reconnect. I understand that it may be a slight inconvenience to you to have to wait so long but if you really can't wait until the six or seven minutes is up then you could always start another game, or do some puzzles while you wait for time to run out. Who knows, maybe next time you think someone is going to time out they will come back after five minutes to keep playing and you will be able to finish the interesting game you were in the middle of.

I would like to clarify that I'm not trying to be hostile to your position. I understand it can be annoying to be in a clearly winning position, perhaps even with mate in one, and not be able to start another game because someone was a sore loser and wanted to make you suffer for being better than them. I've experienced that a bit myself. I just don't think there is a way to avoid that slight inconvenience and still give people who get accidentally disconnected a chance to come back and finish their game.

@Vertonghen why is waiting for one minute a big problem? In over the board chess games your opponent can get up and walk away from the board at any time, for however long they want to. If they don't come back (as often happens in online chess) then your only problem is that you have to halfway pay attention to a game for a few minutes while you are free to do anything else you want to :)

"I don't really understand why you consider a six or seven minute wait a problem."

Thankfully for everyone else, your understanding isn't a part of the equation here.

The people you should pose your question to are the Lichess staff, because it is them who decided that you are wrong here. The complaint here is that the claim victory function is not working properly, not that it doesn't exist.

Your analogy to an OTB player getting up and leaving for a minute is a very poor one. The claim victory function only pops up, or it is supposed to anyway, when the player has closed the tab and "left the building." A player who leaves the screen for a short time but leaves the window open will not lose in this way.

I have a suspicion that your opponent after disconnecting has returned back briefly after little less than 2 minutes and then disappeared again. If this is the case, the Claim Victory button will not appear as the system interprets the player as returned so it resets the claim victory timing.

Watch out for the green dot next to the player, if it periodically comes and goes within the 2 minute limit then he is simply doing this quite blatantly to irritate you. Whatever he/she does ultimately won't work as they are wasting their own time too.

If this problem that you are experiencing is happening almost always then also check your web browser that it isn't outdated.

Frankly speaking I have never experienced this what the original poster is describing and I have played over ten thousand games here on LiChess past 2 years.

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