Can you please make it work for Opera?
Thats ridiculous!

1.Open Opera browser, type or paste opera:config#Enable%20WebSockets in the address bar and press enter.

2.Select or tick mark against “Enable WebSockets” under User Prefs .

3. Click Save button and restart Opera browser.

You're genius, man. Cheers

I've got another problem now:

I am not able to move when I'm playing with white; It looks like this:

So it looks like my move is logged in, but nothing happens and if I press F5, i don't seem to have made any move.

And I have absolutely no problems playing with black, the problem only occurs when i have to start the game.

And as you can read above I'm playing with Opera, so maybe thats the reason. Well, it probably is, but there might be a solution anyway?!


I think the reason that happens is if you initialize a game with the first move before the page has finished completely loading.

So you would have to refresh the page, wait a few seconds, and try starting the game with your move again.

Yeah, that was it.

Easy as that... Thanks, man,

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