Opening up game chatroom to spectators?

My friend invited me to view his chat with his opponent (another friend) in an ongoing correspondence game. When I check the game link, I see that I am relegated to the "Spectator Room".

Is there anyway to open up access to the players's chat room?

People can then talk to the players about the game, give ideas, etc.

And it wouldn’t have to be “cheating” per se, the spectators will do it on their own and it will often actually be annoying for the players.

There’s just no reason for a spectator to discuss a game with the player(s) while the game is in progress.

While I understand some of the potential problems, I think the players ought to have the option to open things up, at least to let the spectators lurk and watch the banter between the players. Which would be fine in my current situation because we are all friends.

I'm not really worried about the "cheating threat" issue in this casual correspondence game, or in any correspondence game. If a player is going to cheat s/he has plenty of other opportunities to do so during a correspondence game.

For obvious reasons, the spectator and the game chat are separated.
However, players can send messages to the spectator chat by prefixing their message with /w (It will appear green on the screen)
Keep in mind that this message will not be visible to the opponent/players, only to the spectators.

yeah, i feel that this use case is rare enough that i don't see this being implemented, so it's best to use an external solution.
if it's REALLY better to keep it within lichess, maybe create a for chatting and invite everyone you want.. though that's quite clumsy as far as "just chatting" is concerned, of course. however, if you actually wanna talk about the games, then studies should work pretty well.

#4 Why did I only find out about /w right now? Are there any other commands like that?

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