opening title position changed?

Is my computer doing "free games" (like a pin ball machine), or is it my brain, or is it lichess?

it seems that the UI now does not show the opening title above the move list, but only in the opening explorer title.

why? but why? why would you do that? at least keep the ECO number. I use it to classify my save files by opening for later (never printed on paper), but I do like to have it in my peripheral vision, statistically influencing my intuition of opening move lists, I was even starting to make some associations that were not that wrong. now we have naked move lists.

It is nice to get some referential on the official map of openings that have been mapped with an ECO address and then the historical name. why dismiss its visibiliity to an optional module? hopefully this was only on my computer. not lichess.....

Same here, the opening name is gone, even in studies.

It does show up sometimes when you open the database, but only for a few moves, and it's barely visible. Please bring it back to the top, and don't hide it just because I go a move forward.


I would start a thread here in this topic as I was doing some tactics, there used to be shown which opening it is played in the games the tactics are taken from but not anymore, this might be also related, would anyone care to inform us why these opening info are gone?

Something else has also changed in the opening explorer, and I find it a regression as well.

Usually when hovering over the next move line candidates from the database (with stats to the right, same line), a corresponding blueish translucent arrow on the board would show the candidate move at that explored position.

Now the arrow is gone, which seems like pushing toward focusing only on the database statistics versus evaluating also oneself graphically what the decision means on the board.

Is it to drill coordinate system in or algebraic notation as a prior skill to using database?

I would rather learn it intentionally, I actually removed their display from my board to force me into reflex while reading move lines in the explorers and sometimes use the well done coordinate training exercise feature of lichess. I actually doubt this was na intention, just making sure of covering possibilities, i could think of.

@dboing I just used the analysis board and I'm getting the blue arrow still when I hover over moves in the database.

@ChesswurmOTB I checked a bunch of remote possibilities, from styles, to off game analysis preferences (as last used) and it appears that only my ongoing correspondence games are affected, new correspondence game against computer are not.

This may be a transition problem. That hypothesis could be checked with other players with games started before this other opening explorer change occurred. Or i am under pin ball free games conditions... things are just upside down, only for me...

@dboing Back to the original post, it seems the opening name has moved to a green box at the top of the database selections.

@ChesswurmOTB This is what I call the opening explorer, while the move explorer being where the player explorer move lines whether from opening explorer or own imagination, OK: or own memory or knowledge.

I do not find it as practical, it is in an optional module, will not appear post game unless you open the optional module.

That's a strange decision. As I said, those ECO numbers and associated names, may be tree bound, but they are being used as references often in discussions and do serve as some kind of mapping of chess opening, having them more visible, is helpful to learn the lingo.

As I told before, I can't see the opening names in tactics page as well, what was the motive behind removing it is unknown still, same thing when you take a look at the game the tactic is taken from. It was helpful to see the openings that are chosen, I was being familiar with particular moves and how the opening transposes into others as the game unfolds. Should we post an e-mail or sorts to help department or create a thread in some sort of Lichess-related bug forum?

@Wornout1 I think this is it here. This is the feedback (bug and feature request). But if your guerrilla warfare tactics are good your could also try to lurk on Discord channels, is the nirvana of devs all around, it seems. too fast for me, I use a bicycle and like to look at the cloud formations, none of that there. If you know how to drive please do it.

It does seem like not well thought of this change in the UI. everything explorer based is affected, good to have landmarks, whatever system is used, the consistency of it helps, hiding it not so much (obvious, no?).