Opening Repertoire Training Tool (paid)


I wonder is it possible in the near future to create and add a tool that we could call opening repertoire training - the idea is from the "opening repertoire training" App for Android which implemented all my desires as a player in one app.

But I would really love this option on Lichess to have such a trainer in a browser.

I would gladly pay for this tool, and surely there are people that would too.

Lichess will never do any paid features. It might be implemented later.

@SolidInvestment use Chessbase mega database ( delete engine.dll if you don't dowload at chessbase or legal websites )
or use ( very strong )
Notice : Your opponent find new idea ( ıf your opponent find new idea maybe not using Chessbase mega database ) don't worry you need study
you need dowload chessbase 14, chessbase 15 or 16

I don't remember this exact feature in ChessBase for instance where:

- you can create opening database (variations) for black
- each move for white has an equal value (few solid variations)
- black has only "the best moves"
- you start "practice" mode in which there is no annotation
- white makes a move (choosing with an equal value one of the 3-5 variations)
- you make a move for black (the only best move) just like in "interactive lesson" mode
- and white again makes a move but now choosing from a move from 3-4-5 equally valuable
- so, each practice becomes "randomized" making it closer to real situations, helping to better recognize positions, patterns and finding best (chosen) moves randomly playing against 50-100-150 main variations.

And I really like everything about the Lichess, I never could get used to the ChessBase.

I understand that implementing this idea might and will require valuable effort and time but nonetheless felt that it's good to at least share.

Thank you all!

Although Lichess doesn't put features or content behind paywalls, perhaps some may be willing to make studies about opening repertoires for a price.

Anyone else remember the good old days, when lichess had opening puzzles?

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