One team leader?

Lichess should allow more then one team leaders, so the teams are better organised in case the leader is away.
What do you say leaders?

Fair enough !!!!! nice suggestion. Lichess support team to consider it.

Nice idea, and since I like to derail once in a while, a shadow committee steering the leaders as well, or a politburo.

seriously (I was kidding, .... or was I?). Yes pool of leaders, call them admin or moderators, would feel more like to the point, right now, it might give ideas of grandeur to whomever (who-ever?) gets nominated or owner....

no really some more flexibility there or within team forum per/thread moderator assignments. that was the most serious I could at this time.

what about one leader and two co-leaders per team?

Also a better system of notifications, where when you join a team you have an option to opt for/opt out of the notifications, so that the admin can send announcements about tournaments/events