Obvious leavers

Once more on leavers,

In my humble personal opinion there are situations where it is obvious that your opponent leaves just because they are confronted with an inevitable defeat. I just played a game in which my opponent disappeared and left the clock run down for half a minute, then he even showed back to check if I'm online - I presume to claim a victory, lol - and disappeared again. In an earlier game today, my opponent left the game yet he was connected to lichess, and I waited patiently.

Couldn't these kind of instances be referred to admins and if it was the case of an obvious rage quit drainer, retribute the behavior with eg. a two days ban, and inform the complainant of the decision? I mean 1) it's sometimes obvious, i.e. easy to judge 2) it's entirely unneeded behavior.

I'm afraid, these obvious cases are way too many to be managed by any non fully automatic solution.

I like your comment and I hope a mod addresses it.

People stalling on time or aborting too many games are dealt with.
Normally, they will receive an automatic playban, duration of which increases with each new infraction. So minutes swiftly become hours, days and weeks.
In some more abusive cases they get their account closed, also their alts or any future alts they may decide to create.

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