no round robin tournaments on lichess

Greetings, @Toadofsky!

In reference to the comment #50:

To begin, thank you very much for your sincerity!

Despite your explanation, there are still details I don't understand. If the Round Robin system is simpler than the Swiss and Arena systems, why is it more difficult to program a technically feasible solution?

Is the real problem related to the technical aspect or is it more about finding a developer who wants to take on that workload?

If the problem is a lack of available time on the part of the developers, is it possible to conduct a campaign to recruit new developers for Lichess? Developers who take responsibility for writing the code and running the tests to implement Round Robin tournaments.

I would like to know if the developer community in Lichess is willing to receive new members working on independent projects, or if they prefer to keep a tight control on the project schedule.

I ask this question because it is clear to me that Lichess is free and open source software, but this does not imply that the platform administrators accept reforms from outside the "core group".

"Round robin works great when there is some kind of monetary stake involved to ensure players won't leave early, but Lichess doesn't put features behind paywalls."

For me, that's an excuse. All those who are here on Lichess are playing chess because they enjoy it. And if they enjoy chess, they also enjoy playing RR Tournaments. Just as it is with arena and swiss tournaments. Money doesn't matter. Why should money suddenly play a role when it comes to RR tournaments? Please explain that!
RR tournaments are intended for teams with few members. The number of participants will not be too high anyway. And since there are only so few participants, it is easier to convince them not to leave the tournament! As already mentioned several times, it is a matter of communication! And if there are only a few participants, the tournament won't last that long. You can also limit the number of participants if too many want to participate in a RR tournament. It is possible to determine the number of participants allowed to participate in a RR tournament.
It works in simultan events too! Let the team leader limit the number of participants! And only the team leader is allowed to create RR tournaments. RR must be inner team tournaments. Voila, problem solved.
Also the problem with dropped outs can be solved easily. The points they made up to their drop out will be subtracted again. That means they get a 0 as a score in their previously made games! And their opponents get a 1. Dropped outs are also not allowed to return to a RR tournament.

All issues solved!

You can do anything if you only want to!


And one more thing! If money matters, you simply prohibit tournaments in which cash prizes are awarded. It's that simple!


Greetings, @Toadofsky!

I read your comment in item #27, but your arguments are not convincing.

I agree with @odoaker2015. In comment #53, he (she) says:

"For me, that's an excuse."

They certainly are excuses. They are excuses of the same kind that were used to try to discourage the expectations of users who have been requesting Swiss tournaments for weeks.

This attitude makes me sad.

The expected problem with round robin is:
Player A loses 3 games in a row and quits.
Player B is paired against A, which does not show up, tired of waiting he goes to another tournament and quits.
Players C and D are paired with A and B, wait, no show, quit.
In the end the tournament is fully cripled.
So for the integrity of the tournament there must be some force to keep all players playing, barred force majeure like illness...
Money may be such a force: quit = no starting fee.
There may be other forces like expusion form a club, expulsion from the chess federation...
Lichess cannot do that.

The official Lichess statement
"What about Round Robin?
We'd like to add it, but unfortunately Round Robin doesn't work online.
The reason is that it has no fair way of dealing with people leaving the tournament early. We cannot expect that all players will play all their games in an online event. It just won't happen, and as a result most Round Robin tournaments would be flawed and unfair, which defeats their very reason to exist.
The closest you can get to Round Robin online is to play a Swiss tournament with a very high number of rounds. Then all possible pairings will be played before the tournament ends."


"Player A loses 3 games in a row and quits.
Player B is paired against A, which does not show up, tired of waiting he goes to another tournament and quits.
Players C and D are paired with A and B, wait, no show, quit.
In the end the tournament is fully cripled."

You don't know that. Where did you get it? You can't know that until you try it.

And for the last time: It is a matter of proper communication to convince people not to leave the tournament early!