no round robin tournaments on lichess

#74 I mentioned planning rounds and when I started using the Swiss tournament tool, I discovered that it was possible to create a schedule for rounds, even creating them manually.

The only problem is the impossibility of stopping the game if the player disconnects and the option of restarting the game. Unless, again, I do not see something from the existing options. I now, I can do it manually, asking players for a game, but I do not change the system of points for the next rounds...

So I love Swiss, and would love RR too! :)

@SteveMulchCivic #108 #109 #112 #114 I got started in programming by writing a program, and another, and another... learning Scala required reading lots of documentation and examples. I became a developer by contributing the world champion Multi-Variant Stockfish and various patches.

I guess a good place to get started is by looking at the "good first issue" questions on and asking questions in the Lichess Discord . But also be aware that developers on staff have their patches rejected too... be careful about developing surprises in secret! Testing (including adequate levels of test animation) can be arduous and I hope Scala 3 will somehow help simplify that.

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