no round robin tournaments on lichess

#90 I'm not sure why you'd want developers to lie to you.

@Toadofsky #91

I don't expect it to be a lie. I hope it's a promise that one day Lichess will have Round Robin tournaments.

@Toadofsky Maybe Lichess could make it possible for team leaders not to allow certain people for such tournaments (RRs) at all. For example, if you notice that certain participants leave tournaments again and again, you could not let them participate at all. This might reduce the number of dropped outs. But that would also have to apply to Swiss tournaments. Or is that too much and is not feasible? Just a question!

To solve all the doubts and problems arising from the tournament "Round Robin",
an internal lichess regulation could be established, which establishes how long to wait before giving the flat rate to a player who leaves the tournament, without communicating it, or voluntarily plays only a certain number of rounds and then leaves,
and to establish, that in case of disconnection from the site or abandonment of the tournament, the games are considered played and lost.
Furthermore, it could be established that for the remaining number of rounds, the player considers himself present and always losing. This would not harm the interests of those chess clubs that, with a limited number of members, want to organize a "round robin" tournament, to establish the winner more clearly and clearly than the Swiss system does. in fact the best professional players, at the moment, are playing many closed tournaments, with the formula round robin ... !!

#95 Punishing players does not fix the withdrawal (or disconnection) problem, no matter how extreme the punishment is. Any other means of regulation, organization, etc. is tantamount to a paywall, and Lichess does not paywall features.

#94 Just kick out these players from your team, they won’t be able to join tournaments anymore.

In addition, they could also change their behaviour. Then they could participate in tournaments again and it would not be appropriate to remove them completely from the team!