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  3. No mistakes found for white

Learn from your mistakes does not find blunder for white on move 10. It says "No mistakes found for white".

Where is the game?

He probably means this one:

White could have won the Queen with 10 Rxa7, but White is 620 centipawn material up, so that 10 dxe5 wins just as well. So 10 dxe5 is a "blunder" in the sense of 570 centipawn loss, but not a "mistake" in the sense of changing the outcome of the game: White wins anyway. I agree with the way it is handled. It makes sense.

#4 Probably it's like tpr says. White will win anyway. Handling it in another way might lead to silly situations I guess if there are many moves that obviously will win but only the "best" is considered correct.