No king study

I want to create some chess studies for newbies, without kings on the board (specific pieces, pawn structure, etc.), but the Board Editor feature doesn't allow to create a study while I don't put both kings on the board (probably the FEN is not considered valid).

Is there a way to create such studies?

Thank you!

Is it a problem to just put the kings somewhere on the board?

@Cedur216 Yes. They not only ocuppy space, but also the whole check/checkmate question rises, and that is a problem in my method.

You can just create a study, and use the board editor for each chapter. That does allow you to create positions without kings. I just tested it.

@fuxia It almost works... You can create it, but you can't play (make moves). I can only create arrows and circle marks... Maybe if there was a chess variant without check/checkmate, and the King is just a normal piece could solve it.

In fact, an even better idea would be a "Free board", where you could move pieces freely, allowing even illegal moves! That would be more like a real chess board, where you must be careful when you move.

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@Cedur216 If you take a look at some of Josh Waitzkin's ChessMaster lessons and Susan Polgar's method of introducing the movements you will understand it better. I want to be able to show any moves freely, including the wrong ones!!

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