No draw awarded after three fold repetition

Hi. I want to draw attention to this bug in the website. I am attaching a link for the game that I played towards to the end of this message. Clearly, this match should have been drawn according to the rules of chess but it shocked me when it actually went on even after this. Please find a link for the match mentioned. I lost valuable points due to this unfair judgment. I want to be re-awarded the points I lost.

Per the rules, games are drawn automatically after a fivefold repetition. After a threefold repetition (33,35,39), a draw could be claimed by either side, but it has to be claimed. A profile setting allows lichess to claim the draw on your behalf, but you and your opponent must not have it enabled. Your draw offer after move 40 is too late.
> 9.2.1 The game is drawn, upon a correct claim by a player having the move, when the same position for at least the third time (not necessarily by a repetition of moves):
> is about to appear, if he first indicate his move by writing on the paper scoresheet or entering move on the electronic scoresheet, which cannot be changed, on his scoresheet and declares to the arbiter his intention to make this move, or
> has just appeared, and the player claiming the draw has the move.
> ...
> 9.6 If one or both of the following occur(s) then the game is drawn:
> 9.6.1 the same position has appeared, as in 9.2.2 at least five times.
> ...
> repetition: 5.3.1. 1. A player may claim a draw if the same position occurs three times. 2. A game is drawn if the same position occurs five times.

(I believe the reference to nonexistent section 5.3.1 is an error in the FIDE laws.)

Well that's sad. But that's okay. If those are the rules of lichess. I still do not understand how I might have claimed a draw but I will watch out for such things if it appears in the future again.

I believe most people just enable the auto-claim in Preferences. Since that is what I've done, I don't know the mechanics of making a claim. But I believe from what I've read that the "offer a draw" button is repurposed. The side making the repetitions has to offer a draw before their move. Or after the repetition, the opponent's draw button changes from offer to claim.

You have to claim the draw. If you want it automatic: Preferences > Game behavior > Claim draw on threefold repetition automatically

To claim a draw you need to click the Draw Offer button (usually twice, depending on what "Confirm resignation and draw offers" in your settings is set to) and then make a move. If it is indeed a third occurrence of the position the game will be declared a draw.
Or you can enable "Claim draw on threefold repetition automatically" in your settings.

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