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  3. New variant: Three-check

Hi lichessers,

Today I introduced a new chess variant, called Three-check. Read about it on wikipedia:

It's a first-class citizen of lichess, just like Chess960 and King of the Hill. Play it in lobby, with friends, or in tournaments, rated or casual.

Just like Chess960 and King of the Hill, Three-check has its own rating.


Fun, thanks ! Seems tricky ! I can smell sacrifices ! :)

what happens if someone checkmates before he has checked three times ?

The game can be won by checkmate, too.

ok merci Thibault

I didn't know this variant before, and I must say it's really one of the more enjoyable I've ever tried. Thanks Thibault!

yes, i agree with u, à quand la future plateforme " blitz à 4 " haha, ou " qui perd gagne " , un grand merci pour le travail effectué, très bon site, à recommander !

I agree for "blitz à 4" I find this so funny just huge but maybe a few difficult because you need 4 players

So how the hell do players know they're suddenly in this new kind of chess game, to avoid losing unnecessarily?

Does white have an advantage in three check?

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