New Variant

how about
If you take a piece, the opp gets to place that piece
as in
If I took my opp's knight, using up a turn, on any turn my opp can place that knight anywhere on the board.(if a pawn is taken it can't be placed on the 1st or 8th rank)

( I didn't create that a person at my chess club told me about it)
and also many people know of this, trap square!

So it's like bughouse, but your opponent decides where he wants to place it?
I wouldn't place it anywhere

-starts up computer
-opens lichess
-reads „new variant“
-shuts down computer

(No offense, speaking strictly for me.)

#14 It is not neccesary to read this forum if you do not want to.

It is difficult to invent a good chess variant. My show, ChessWhiz TV, typically streams a new chess variant every week, and most of them are not that great! :)

See for previous episodes.

Responding to the ideas here:

#1 Power Chess would be the same as 5-checks chess, because reaching the other side of the board is too difficult without being checked.

#11 Insane Asylum Chess would probably last too long, since the board would stay full. Usually chess games reach an end as the board becomes more empty.

If you want to invent a variant, find a friend and do a LOT of testing. If you post your idea without trying it first, it may not work too well, haha. Did you know that Horde Chess was updated after it was launched to make it more balanced?

Anyway, we have 4 more variants coming up soon on our Sunday broadcasts: Alphabet Chess, Entourage Chess, File Extinction Chess, and Mano-a-Mano Chess. Here's the events calendar with more info:

Good luck! :)

@Sarg0n I am sorry, if this is not interesting for you, then you have no business commenting here. I am trying to bring some suggestions and you act it out like a freaking joke. Let me see if you can think of a new variant. People like you are so irritating, just bashing and laughing at everything.

Peace, people. This is a forum and everyone can express his opinion. I would be happier if this websites focusses more on "chess" with all its energy (instead of weird new games on a chequered board).

By the way, "variants" I like: blindfold, studies and problems, some easy retro problems. Unfortunately no variant played here and most proposals I find even worse. No offense, I am purist: chess on a chess website.

Go ahead, I am out, no prob. Stay chessed!

What about chess where you can capture your own pieces?
Normal chess,the same starting position,the same rules but
you can play Ra2 or Bg2 on your first move and capture your
own pawn.There is no smothered mate or back-rank mate
possible because you can capture for example with your black
king if you are checked your own pawn on h7.

Yeah I thought about that one as well. I think it would be cool. Would also in a way be logical, I mean why not cannibalize your own pieces. Would lead I think to some quick, fast developing and attacking games.

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