New lichess variant idea!

Diplomatic chess. Control key areas by invading them for a certain amount of turns. Summon, build and create pieces and Build large bases to attack! Different boards and what not make the game more fun!
Basically once you make a base, you can use a turn to teleport a existing piece from one base to another. Standard chess rules apply btw. Or spend multiple turns creating new pieces or the newest piece, a queen riding a horse! (Pick a name for it in the comments)
Move like a horse and a queen! Basically the more bases you have the better. It think it might be pretty fun!

@InkyDarkBird said in #2:
> Lichess is not accepting variant ideas.
Its just an idea, it shouldn't actually be a variant duh.

@vqh then you could probably post in the chess discussion forum instead of the feedback forum

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