new features

I have some suggestions to lichess, please, take in consideration

1. Add time buttons in the clock to decrement time and equal time
2. Add the flip board button in the puzzles, analysis board, and opening explorer section's
(I mean, without the need to go to the menu icon, and use the flip board button then,
in resume, only one step to flip board)
3. Have the option to choose saved options challenge by friend
for ex:

The user X always challenge to the user Y with this features:
a) 5|0 casual
b) 3|0 rated
c) 10|5 casual

So, in the play with a friend window, have the option to write the username
and in the same window, when the user be choosed, display the more often game options

Also, i'm noticed that the continue button in the puzzle section
change the height some times.

I believe that adding the max-height option in the style
maybe fixed, in this image can you see the sizes. (and happens in differents browsers)

Finally, and please, don't be mad with this suggestions,
but i noticed in the page that they have this:

1. the guest features in the games
This mean that i can go to one game, and try to guess the moves,
and in add, generate a 'competition' between the guessers to see
who is the person that guess more moves (and the score info of the guessers be visualized in the current chat)

2. custom commands and shortcuts keyboard
for ex:
a) I go to the tv section, or one game of X user, but,
suddenly i go to other game of the Y user, so,
in the chat of the current game, i can write this:
/observe Y (and when press enter, the current X game change to the current Y user game)
b) I write /help or /commands and display all the commands and the shortcuts availables [f for flip board for ex, that discover today ; ) ]

3. add puzzles variants, like survival, time, and battle

Thanks for your time, and this amazing site to play chess,
i hope your feedback!

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