New Feature Suggestion: Crowd-sourced Help

Have you ever been looking through the analysis of a game and find yourself thinking, "Why does the computer say that a5 is a mistake here?" or "I can't see why Nf6 is the wrong move according to the engine."

Imagine if there was a new button that you could click on these confusing moves called "Get Community Help about This Move". The move would be inserted into a pool of moves that the community could then browse and provide short explanations. This would offer a new, interesting way of community interactions. Users would submit moves to this pool (they could be limited on 5 submissions per day, if needed), other users would browse this pool of questions (imagine if there were options like, "Help users with questions in the English Opening", so you could help people specifically in areas you are specialized in yourself), and ultimately the user who submitted the move in question could provide a 0->5 star rating on each help they receive.


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