New feature request

I would like to see a top 5 list of my highest rated draws. I have a few draws with players around 2200 to 2300+ . Considering that those opponents are 600 to 700 points or more higher than my rating this could help me determine whether or not I am really improving or not.

Maybe I should clarify what features I really want to see. If you click on one of the game stats on the left side of your home page like Blitz Games or Classical Games you will see all of your stats for that particular type of game. If you scroll down the page you will also notice two headings that read, "BEST RATED VICTORIES" and "WORST RATED DEFEATS". I would like to see the following headings: "BEST RATED DRAWS", and "WORST RATED DRAWS". The Best rated draws should show the top five highest players that I drew against for each of the types of chess games i.e. Bullet, Blitz, Classical, Correspondence, etc. The "worst rated draws" would feature the five lowest rated players that I drew against.

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