new feature please

i would like this new feature.......... when you check an opponent the king does NOT go red or say the object of the game would be to eat the opponents king (kind of secretely) what do you think @lichess and @thibault?

How is this different from the regular game extended by one move?

I mean, checkmate is just a position in which the capture of the King is inevitable. The only difference between your proposal and standard chess is to catch people who have such a poor sense of danger that they miss that they are in check!

BTW, you can always turn the "blushing King" feature off in your preferences.

And please don't ping the mods. It doesn't work, it can be annoying to them (unless they've disabled pings) and they keep on top of the forums anyway.

In blitz and bullet official chess, you can just take the king and win if they move invalidly to a check(sometimes)
or that was just a way of teaching me 4 years ago to not leave your king in check.

ok but it would be nice to instead of the king becoming red it would stay normal and you would have to take the opponeys king

@KeithDenning it's different in that in normal chess you can't accidentally stay in check and hang your king (you simply cannot play a move that doesn't get out of check unless it's mate on the board)