New feature: indicate current move with a coloured arrow instead of 2 light green fields

Even in faster time controls (bullet, hyper bullet and ultra bullet) it's important to see instantly what was your opponents last move.
A few years ago I played on and I must admit that this was way better there. I can't remember that this was a problem there. On lichess I often need to seek the 2 green field (even in messy positions) and everybody knows that you can loose a game in a blink of an eye.
At least it would be a good option between these 2 settings.
I'm pretty sure that a lot of players would welcome it.
I could also imagine that the technical implementation is not that much effort to draw an arrow between 2 fields instead of high lighting 2 fields.

Anyway - I love lichess (best chess platform on the planet!!!)
Kind regards

While I am not affected much by this, I support the suggestion.
I like @Neo2020 idea of making it an option in the preferences -> game behavior menu to toggle the 2 green squares and an (I'll let mods choose the color) arrow!

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