NEW FEATURE -> Puzzle security hole -> Cheaters CAN EASILY break ranking -> solution is not hidden

See for example this puzzle (no matter which):

On screen puzzle ranking is [hidden] nice but there is direct link to game and engine solving puzzle - >

Why solution is not hidden but ranking is hidden???

Link to game/solution SHOULD be hidden like puzzle RATING.
Link to game/solution is much more important than RATING :)

Puzzle 82065

Rating: [hidden] (this is HIDDEN but what reason if solution is not hidden :))

Played 8 099 times

From game #f0f7Hqbo (click here and you solved)

8+0 • Rapid • Rated
KarlAugust (2290)
RolfiMontenegro (2133)

Who cares if someone cheats on the training puzzles? They're not hurting other players.

Ranking is hidden so you don't get a hint about how hard it is before you solve it. You can see the solution if you want though. Why hide it? Why do you believe this is a new feature?

@Irishman964 You not understand fully maths - it is maths blunder :)

If puzzle is hard someone cheat and make puzzle rating lower. That is why it is hurting other players directly.
It is destroys corect ranking of puzzle directly :)

It is not matter for cheater that is true.

Am I right? If not tell me why?

@Doofenshmirtz There is no reason to hide ranking if solution is not hidden.

It paranoia to hide less important information than more important - ranking is less important than solution.

As I explain before showing solution DESTROYS puzzle ranking because CHEATER influence hard puzzles and make then trivial by cheating ranking.

Puzzle have trivial ranking if it solved many times. If cheater solving it because it is hard using cheating ranking drop down but should go up. CHEATING DROPS DOWN ranking for hard puzzles.

I am programmer so I use programmers language - it is new feature (no matter that is trivial to implement - nobody implements it before and it is not bug - so it is feature).

BTW: I do not like cheaters :) Nothing bad to make their life harder.

One line of code change I think (same variable for hiding ranking can be used to hide game and solution).

If you really were a developper you would see this is not a problem, since structurally the puzzles are not made to avoid cheating. (not explaining why because there would be much more "complaining" about nothing.)

There are not cheaters in puzzle mode, because they don't have any interest to do it.

To beat stockfish lvl6 you can use stockfish lvl8, is it considered as cheating? No of course;

Puzzles ratings are not flawed because they are played dozen thousand times, and almost nobody cheats. I am sure of it as the puzzle ratings are not flawed.

When I resolve a puzzle and failed it because I am absentminded, do I flaw the puzzle rating because it is higher than it should be ?

A bit overzealous calling it a "security hole", you should look up what that means.

At most this is unwanted information disclosure, but it isn't. It is meant to be like that, the open disclosure that the puzzle you're solving is from an actual game on the website.

I think if folks cheat in puzzle ratings, no one cares. It is an exercise for the person only, it has no impact on anyone else. Heck, folks could load up any position in an engine (off-site) and take forever to solve it. There are cheaters that do this (folks with 2800 puzzle rating but nowhere near close in chess rating).

Lichess doesn't try to stop cheaters from cheating themselves, only other people.

Nice try though.

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