New anticheater protection - puzzle rating and puzzles done.

There’s a hole in the part about the puzzle ratings. Just awhile ago I hit 3200 rating. Which if it had any validity towards actual strength puts me far higher than any human ever achieved and would make me the number 11 engine in the world.

My puzzle rating is higher than my game rating... so why would you search games by puzzle rating? To play a puzzle tournament?

#21 Congrats on your puzzle rating, surely you are the number 1 puzzle solver here.

The top puzzler with engine maybe.
Puzzles are rigged af now that people use engine

I suggest to randomly insert 2/3 puzzles during the game ! :)

It can be done in such way if you cheat/troll you have to do 10 puzzles to unlock account - number of puzzles can be higher.

When I play tournaments the number of cheaters is much higher than in random play - people are very greedy to win tournament - they replacing lichess with stockfish - or bot testing farm.

Personally I do not like playing stockfish if I want play with people - if I want play stockfish I will do it.

The only REAL answer to cheats would be to have a downloadable lichess app that provides mods with pnp of your screen while you are playing.
A lot of online games in professional settings; ie csgo in CEVO/ESEA/CAL use such a program.

But, the problem with this is it would be a major turn off to some people for very legit reasons; as it could be seen as a major security risk.

Same goes for adding a keylogger; would help nip cheaters but would also nip traffic due to those (rightfully) worried about etheft.

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I’m far from an expert puzzle solver. Even though I’m now approaching 3270. The point is that a determined cheater can use engine analysis assistance to boost puzzle rating far above actual strength; the same way cheaters use engines in real time games.

It’s not so much that I have done it, but I could train someone with decent knowledge of chess and computers to do the same process. I estimate that given about a day starting with a brand new account I could hit a grandmaster strength training rating.

If people want to cheat at puzzles to brag about their rating, that’s their loss. (Although I did get some actual training in the meantime). The same way that cheaters at blitz have the same loss of wasting time not learning how to play better. They’re just kidding themselves. But if it comes down to a real money prize fund being involved, there’s not any real assurance that someone with a high training rating proves they are actually a strong blitz or classical time control player.

Now. A big part of the reason I took on the project in the first place - I’m not convinced that the problem ratings are all that good. There are some way overrated and some way underrated. And I doubt Lichess has any interest in finding anyone to re-evaluate them after the first number gets attached. No amount of down voting has made all the questionable puzzles disappear. And it seems like there’s a knee jerk reaction by some people to instantly up vote after solving, regardless of if they agree or don’t agree with the quality. But, if you use the puzzles for the intended purpose, it’s fine. Just don’t use flawed system A (Blitz chess with engine analysis) to support flawed system B (Puzzle rating with engine analysis). There are a lot of buttheads out there that will always find a way to get around something if they are determined.

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