never play bullet with the other continent's players.

cause awfull lag is here, like all the other chess platforms.

while you finished your time, the other continent's player have 20-30 seconds. ridiculous lag times.

sorry lichess, sorry chess.. I am gonna return quantum physics researchs anymore, until starlink starts to work.

Gravitational lensing also causes lag when the opponent is sufficiently remote. My advice: stick to correspondence in such cases.

Speaking of physics, StarLink will not be less laggy, n the contrary... it will sparkle though.

Two serious remarks:
1) There is never a direct connection between the players. Even if both are located in the same street in New Zealand, their moves will be transferred via the Lichess server in France, and they will have lag.

2) If your opponent has 20 seconds left, then he really has played that fast.


1) They are both in the same continent, though. They still have the same lag and the same lag compensation. So all things being equal they'll cancel out. OP is lamenting the situation where someone in New Zealand is playing someone far away, presumably nearer the server.


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You always notice only the other's lag compensation.

I think when you create a new game request,

lichess should offer a choice

in related to whether or not accept laggy connections.

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