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  3. My stream isn't shown in the streamers page

I tried to live stream just few minutes ago, but I noticed that my live stream wasn't shown on the streamers page and when I was playing a tournament the notification that I was streaming wasn't shown. Moreover, my friends didn't see the live stream notification on the recent activity box.

My friend tried to live stream later and also with him there was the same bug.

PS: On the title of the stream there was written ""

Same thing happened to me

Make sure on your stream profile you click "Visible on Streamer Page" and make sure it says "Yes" with a checkmark

I checked it and everything is set up correctly.
Maybe it'a a bug?

It was already set to "yes". I think it is a bug. Thanks anyways! :))

I saw your profile @Francesco_Super, 2nd on the streamer list

@Luciano_the_best I also saw yours, it doesn't always jump to the top by the way

yes but when I was streaming it didn't say that I was live

Stream one more time, as a test

I already tried many times but it never works :)

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