My Rating doesn't change when I an doing Training exercises


since a few weeks my Training Rating is stuck at the same number, despite doing more exercises. It doesn't go up when I successfully solve the exercise or go down, when I fail to do so. I tried solving some exercises on my spouses account and it works out fine.

Please fix that.
Thank you

theres some bug with it on phone, but if it's on your computer contact support

If you are using the app, clearing the cache usually fixes this.

Yes, I am playing on my phone. But the Training Rating worked fine till now and my spouse also plays on her phone, so I know that the Rating adapts on the phone too.

I did clear my cache for the lichess app and then tried 3 exercises again, but my Rating still remains stagnant. :/

Does anyone of you know, where I can contact support? I can't find an E-Mail-Address or Support-Hotline anywhere

You could try using the mobile browser version of the site instead of the app, that doesn't really have many downsides anymore since v2, and should work bug-free.

I've had the same problem @Mattbefehl , I'm pretty sure it is just a bug on the phone. It'll work fine sometimes and then not work others. If you are going to do puzzles (for rating) then I recommend doing it on the website. Also, you could consider connecting to the internet, cause sometimes Lichess repeats offloaded puzzles that probably don't count towards your ratings (I think, correct me if I'm wrong). If you are accessing the forum than it does seem that you have some way of doing puzzles that doesn't involve the app.

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