my game was taken over by somthing moving my moves

my last game withCHERISOPOS 14 february 2020 was not under my control -it started at about move 35 somthing did my moves.igave up the game scaring.

this is open source, it may not be very difficult someone take the code, find a weakness and exploit it. Please read this
and send an email to

Let's hope that was a very unusual attack and someone don't start messing all games for fun... Cheaters are damaging enough for online gaming....

Fonsecaf they hacked the fbi page, i think for skilled folks nothing is hard to hack. No need yo downtalk this cool server, with the nice youtube link bombs. Did you know that 3 percent of male westerners have red hair like john bartholomew in this video.

I did not hack anything, i can assure you. And, like you said, servers can be hacked like fbi, in order to protect yours (and mine too, i believe) beloved lichess, i sent the procedures for help him to stop this, for him and for more users that may be attacked somehow. Did i make anything wrong, maybe should tell him that he must be drunk and dreamed that?

#3 is exactly right: you can see what sessions you logged into your account.

Fonsecaf my fault, thought you were arguing that a paid for site was safer. That was rude.

no problem, i was really trying to help... I feel very upset that someone, somewhere, probably a unique problematic individual, can put at risk so much work, from so many volunteers, only for having fun annoying others. We must unite all in defense, all of us want the better for lichess.

That is a ghost move and the only way to make it stop is to get a priest to preform a excision

If there was indeed someone else using your account it's almost certainly because your password was compromised and you should change it (and pick a strong password).