My display is incomplete since the last two site updates, I'm on windows xp

Since about a month ago during a game and a site update, once the update was finished, my display doesn't show the time clock, the rematch button, the resign button, the offer draw button. Also when I promote a pawn, the window which allows me to select which piece to promote it does not appear; so I just freezes while my time continues to run out, and then to add insult to injury I get a warning for letting my time run out.
I can still create a game from the main page, and play it, albiet without being able to see the time clock. I can send and receive chats, but that's it. Somebody at Lichess tech please look into this. I'm using windows xp, must be happening to others. Thanks.

What browser do you use?
IE, Edge and Firefox do not work

XP was deprecated by its manufacturer 5 years ago, having been launched in 2002. Lichess 2 has as its requirement any modern, supported browser. It's time for a new operating system and a modern, supported browser. Consider upgrading, maybe via a linux install or live cd/usb key.

The major browsers stopped supporting XP years ago and most browsers that still do are simply based on old versions of them.

28.5 has been reported to work.

I'm using firefox, the latest version I can get for windows xp. Yeah, I get this 'depreciation' thing. I hate it. It's such a con, there is nothing wrong with xp, was/is a good OS, until microsoft hijacked the web and started in with the built-in obsolescence to squeeze everybody for more money, and personal info under the cover of 'security'; but all this is another topic. I had a feeling lichess would go that way too. A new OS, means a new computer, which means 1500 dollars so I can play chess, no thanks, wasting too much of my life here anyways. Bye guys, I still work on puzzles. Thanks for the feedback on the issue from those who responded.

You don't need to spend $1500 on a new computer. I bought a chromebook, mainly to play/learn chess and watch related videos, although I'm doing a little development on it when no-one's looking and you can get it for $400 or thereabouts during promotions and you can get perfectly good ones for less than that. I've suggested, also, that you might want to (spend about $5/10 and) get a usb drive and stick a (free) copy of linux on it and boot your existing PC using it and play with a more recent browser.

I want the good old Windows 3.12 back. It even crashed faster than any of my own chess positions.

I use Safari and face the same issue, my clock is not visible, neither are the resign, draw and rematch buttons. I have lost quite a few games because of this.

Thanks again for the feedback guys, and the suggestions for Linux, and the usb stick. I'll look into this and train myself on Linux.

@AnandG, Well at least we know we are not alone with this bug. It might not just be a 'depreciation' issue as such; It might just be a garden variety bug since the last updates, and might be effecting many others. Hopefully Lichess Tech guys will hear about it. I've lost many games too as a result of this, with warnings directed at me to not let the clock run out etc.