Multi-premove Gone?

Since the upgrade I haven't been able to pre-move more than one move at a time.
I used to be able to enter any number of pre-moves, which was quite handy when there was a forced mate and the opponent was running the clock or slowly playing out a K vs K and two Qs ending. I could enter all the moves to the end of the game with no loss of clock time and collect the win at my convenience. It was also handy if I was close to being flagged and could enter a bunch of moves on my opponent's thinking time.
Is this feature still available somewhere, and if not, any chance of it coming back?
You know what would be cool, multipremoves in a way that allows the user to move pieces of any colour. So that the move is executed on the condition that the predicted move is played.
It's possible that I may be remembering In any case, it's a great feature if lichess are thinking of making their platform better.
On, premoves take time! (ew, we hate!) Although only -0.1 seconds per premove, it is still some, and I've won countless times with less than 0.5 seconds on my clock, where I'd lost on It's a PRE move, moving during your opponent's turn, the person who makes the premove shouldn't lose time, that's ridiculous! So, they try to compensate losing time during premoves, by allowing multiple premoves, even though it doesn't really help that much.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is, that allowing multiple premoves, where the premoves don't take time, would make bullet and ultrabullet games a joke. You could just premove the entire game, and flag your opponent easily. Now, with only one premove allowed per move, you have to have skill, always being a step ahead of your opponent, knowing what he will play next. Not to brag, but I think I'm really good at this "prediction" premoving technique.

So that is why (I think) lichess haven't implemented multiple premoves, and I personally totally agree with the way lichess has done it.
In correspondence games, on the analysis board, you can save lines of conditional premoves. That is the only place on this site where it exists, I think,
@XasperLiu You can only premove forcing sequences or when your opponent has no attacking pieces, so you clearly can't premove a whole game as you suggest. Premoves can only occur when you opponent has no way of making that move illegal, such as trivial endgames or dead draws.

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