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When doing puzzles on my phone, I occasionally miss and press the wrong square and have managed to press the view solution button once or twice. I would like to have the option to set move confirmation for puzzles as well as a confirmation to view the solution, so that I can turn move confirmation off for live games and on for puzzles and correspondence games.

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What if, upon making a mistake, you intend to hit the "cancel move" button and instead hit the "confirm move" button?

Should there be a confirmation for move confirmation?


What a ridiculous argument you make. Because infinite confirmations are not necessary, we should not even implement one? When I log into my email, I don't want to have to enter a second password to prove I'm not just guessing at the first, a third to prove I'm not just guessing at the second, etc; does this mean I might as well not password-protect my email account? Of course not, that would be an amazingly stupid thing to do.

Maybe there are legitimate reasons not to implement this suggestion, but the argument you've made is not one of them.

For the record @DoctoDoom , I also have many times accidentally hit the "show solution" button on the app. I think the layout may have changed now, but something I did ALL the time was try to hit the back button, which you can do in the Web browser but can't/couldn't in the app, and the give up button was right where I instinctively expected the back button to be.

Move confirmations are a crutch. I strongly believe it's better for your development if you learn how to use your fingers properly.

We're talking about a mobile device. Improving accessibility is a good goal.

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