More Proactive Screening Against Cheaters

And on a thought spun out of increased difficulty landing rapid opponents. Assuming activity (at the 2000+ level at least) at longer time controls is hindered by cheaters. Does it make sense to screen proactively against them as opposed to waiting for someone to file a report?

I.M.O two big red flags are

1) Large discrepancy between rapid, blitz and lightning ratings. E.g. if I see someone with an established rapid of 2200, blitz of 1700 and lightning of 1400 I will automatically assume they cheat and in 99.9% of cases this will hold true. This is grounds for screening imo.

2) New account with high ratings and proclivity for smaller time controls. While not as cut and dried as the above, statistically this is a solid red flag and screening here a good way to nip cheating in the bud

Why do you think cheaters are only identified after a report?

From personal experience in games against those with telltale signs who I later found had cheated many others before me.

"Chess players are susceptible to paranoia" - Reuben Fine, Chess player and psychiatrist in "The Psychology of the Chess Player"

@GrandLapin How does that distinguish between cheats the software detected vs cheats who were reported and investigated?

I tried a few blitz/lightning games in the past but now I only play rapid. Am I a cheat?

There is an AI that is policing the system. I forgot the name of the AI.
If you feel it's not good enough, then build one that you think is going to be better than what this site already has.
If everyone followed rules and regulations, then there would be no cheaters.
Assuming you can do something, can make you break rules and regulations.
Some people need to be spoon feed while others not.

You can start a chess engine to be guided through a casual game with this link:
You press the space bar and the moves happen.

But using an engine in a rated game is not fair, because the game is rated. It's like an exam in a school. If you do a search on the internet on "how many cheat on an exam in schools", it will be the same type of people that cheat with chess. Maybe even the same percentage (over 50%). It's does not mean they have done it on every game. They might have done it only once in all the games they have played. So look up "cheating in schools by country" and see where the cheats are coming from. It probably has something to do with the type of environment we grow up in.

There was , is and always will be all types of cheats. Live and let live. Change what you can and accept what you can't. Find the friends that fit best your social upbringing and stay away from the ones that cause logical conflicts for you.

Any cheat control works well when the majority of chess players follow the rules.
Chess will never be immune to all forms of what seems to me to be limitless assistance's.

There are supplement brain enhancements, but I prefer my cup of coffee (Caffeine) when I study a new opening.

I was just wondering. I made a few complaints about where my clock will run for up to 20 minutes and then the game is given to the other opponent. It happened about 4 times and I reported the last 2.
I received notice that i was receiving a refund because someone cheated me.
How do I know- is there a place I can affirm my refund points?
I did not see them posted to my account.

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