More board themes or pieces design please

A friend can't post this on the forum and asked me to (or doesn't he because he's shy?). Anyway, it seems like a good suggestion.

Lichess is the best platform on the Internet, there is no doubt about that. And this is not a complaint, but a request. Although there are users who are happy with the standard piece and board design (brown / cburnett), it would be interesting if Lichess added more variety, such as the colors of "newspaper" with the "green" or "brown" design, or the design of "maple "with the color" blue "would be fun.
Or the elegant "pink" design with more colors.
Like adding, for example, the merida style of pieces but without the shading, giving the impression of a more classic look would be fun. What you think?

* Again, I am not angry or complaining at all (Lichess is the best), just a humble suggestion as I suppose there are people who like the variety of designs.

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@opperwezen said in #6:
> Hello a message to post nr 1 here you got all kinds themes if you download stylus on Chrome you can add use those themes on lichess :)
> notice that you shouldn't download stylish thats not recommended only Stylus

Omg, nice!!, but in chrome I looked for "download stylus" but I only find results for stylish, do you have any link to download stylus? By the way, @opperwezen, I often watch your games and I really like them, you are the best.

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