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  3. Mobile app Clock with increment initial time should include the increment time

Thanks for the great site and apps!

When using the lichess mobile app on Android as a Clock for OTB play I'd expect the initial time to include the increment. So if I configure the clock for time 3 minutes with increment 2 seconds the initial time should be 3:02. The app currently gives the initial time as 3:00.

This increment behaviour is the standard for the DGT clocks we use in the club and I think it's the behaviour for lichess when playing 3+2.

Wikipedia describes this as the behaviour prescribed by FIDE and US Chess but I can't find the FIDE rule myself.
> Under FIDE and US Chess rules you get the increment for move one as well. For example, for G/3;inc2 (three minutes of base time with a two-second increment each move), you start with three minutes and two seconds on the first move.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Here you simply get increment after every move played, if you play 3+2 then the initial time is 3 minutes, if I wanted to set the initial time to 3:02, I would play 3:02+2 (you can't do this on lichess and it's pointless anyway)

Some images demonstrating how to reproduce the issue:

Thanks HoSantaSK. I undertand what you say, and thanks for the tips, I'm just pointing out that the current behaviour isn't the behaviour most users would expect. For some time-controls the difference between including the increment in the first move or not can be quite significant.

I agree that for 3+2 it's not huge but those 2 seconds can be worthwhile, I've observed one fellow at my local chessclub starting 3+2 OTB games when he's Black with the clock around the wrong way, start the clock then switch it to his opponent, and he gains 2 seconds.

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