Missing 'Print-friendly PDF'

With great sadness, a while ago, I noticed that the pdf option is gone :(

Almost every week I analyze with an old National Master. He shows me his game, and I would import it into Stockfish on Lichess, and he will happily return home after I print out the pdf for him so that you can look more broad at it at home.

I tried exporting from Scid into html, and then locally loading it into the browser, and then print. The result is quite readable but pretty unpleasant.
A web search for "pgn pdf" shows very little result, except this : which looks a little too cryptic for me at the moment.
Where am I suppose to turn a pgn chess file into a good looking pdf file that I can print ?
Any suggestions for a free of charge, non-ad, open source option ?

For some reasons, I use only Firefox. Is there any plugins that restores this wonderful feature for this browser?

The extension on chrome works well. I also remember someone created a diagram for move-by-move but it also was removed.
Does anyone know why?

Hey community,
Nice to know that a plugin was created, but I would prefer knowing the URL I can use on lichess to download my games analysis ?
Anyone knows a sample URL ?

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