Microphone appears to be on when it should not be

My computer, which runs Linux, has software that detects when the microphone is on. (I wrote that software and it seems at least fairly reliable.) I use Lichess via Firefox. Firefox is set to prompt me when I site wants to use the microphone. Yet, when I play against the Lichess Stockfish, using Firefox, I get no prompt and/still the microphone registers, albeit sometimes intermittently, as on. Can anyone shed light? Thanks.

EDIT: the mike usage occurs even when I tell Firefox not to allow sites to use the microphone and/when I use the function key on my laptop to disable the microphone.

Browser : about:preferences#privacy
Permissions: Location, Camera, Microphone ... settings

Block new requests asking to access your ,,,,
You already know which sites need access and which don't.

I have mine set to block. I even got a paper adhesive bandage on top of my cam lens.
It feels even better when you can turn hardware off with a switch or at least lower the microphone volume to zero.

The more you play around with setting, the more you become comfortable with them.
Linux terminal: Ctl+Alt+T
To get sound controls type in terminal: pavucontrol

When you lock your doors at home, you have control. The computer is the same, you need some sort of control on the hardware. Maybe there is a software in Linux that permits control of the hardware by the users.

Toscani: thanks. Did you see the edit that I made to my post?

I add here is this post that possibly I have found out what was going on. Lichess, and indeed Chrome-playing-Netflix, seemed to turn the microphone on. Yet, seemingly, the microphone can be on in some sense whilst also being muted. I adjusted my code to check for muting, and tested it on some programs (apart from just the browsers) and the new version seems to work.

I can share the code if you like. The code is a mix of Bash and Lua. Also: I found a Cinnamon applet - for the Linux Cinnamon environment - that shows whether or not the microphone is muted, and allows toggling of the mute. (My own code feeds into a 'conky' and shows on the desktop whether the microphone is active or not.)

I think the logical next step would be to talk to lichess. Lichess gets lonely just like anyone else, is it so bad that you get an invitation to talk to lichess?