Make Anonymous leaving auto-resign.

Played 5 anon games today, all 5 ended up with opponent leaving game.
Easily solved by two ways:
1) Just ban for some time for leaving game?
2) Make closing window equal to resign, and make people who do this hear loss sound before window close so they stop this shameful behaviour.

Are you sure it's easily solved?
How can you ban an anonymous player using a VPN?
Not sure about the auto-resign on closing window, but I don't think it's possible to make them hear any sounds. Beside that, the worst of such sore losers don't simply close their windows. They make you wait until their time runs out instead.

I believe you don't need to ban more than IP, it will be annoying enough for them to request IP change.
For the people who just leave time to tick... Well, you right, that's not immediately detectable.

It is a casual anonymous game. The second you notice your opponent has left, just leave the game yourself. There is no reason - no reason at all - to care about "winning" the game. Like anything, as anonymity goes up, so does asshole behavior. Leaving the game without resigning is nothing, it is so easy to leave the game. The most annoying behaviors from anonymous games are:

- There are players who seemingly sit there clicking on every single challenge issued (this is in a variant, not standard), only to leave the game without it beginning. They do it over and over and over, and eventually I have to leave and come back later.

- There are players who start a game, only to immediately throw pieces away, making the whole thing pointless.

I have no sympathy for anyone who chooses to waste their time by sitting there waiting for an anonymous game to end when the opponent left instead of resigning.

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