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  3. Main chatbox in tournament scrolling user experience fail.

I just want to let you know, scrolling chatroom on tournament is not best for large tournaments.

► I can read the chat.

What happens?:
► After each message, chat is scrolling to the bottom, making it impossible to read previous messages. I was following a very interesting conversation people had in chat and I couldn't, because each second chat jumped to the bottom.

What I did is turned of the wi-fi connection to read the chat and then turned on my wi-fi again. That is horrible user experience.

I propose a solution to this problem:
Script should scroll the chat to the bottom only if user already scrolled it to the bottom.

I know it happens only on larger tournaments, but hey, maybe you care about some feedback, maybe not.

Yeah. You may be right.

A simple 'auto scroll on/off' button. Yep dat would be practical.

I support this idea too

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