Lot of trolls leaving in lost position

It's became more or less common that players leave a game when they reach a lost position, for example after blundering a queen. Can I block players IN ADVANCE? There must be a statistic which represent this kind of behaviour. What does the "Game completion rate" tell?
If a player disconnects after blundering, this should be simply seen as trolling and be punished, it's quite easy to do that automatically I guess.
Please lichess, do sth against that!

There is a saying: "do it once to me, it is your fault. Do it twice to me, it is my fault." I block everybody who does this.

I would just wonder how many people one can block at the same time.


I've blocked over 100 user for this by now I'm sure and I hardly run into it as much. Not to mention lichess will ban them after so many offensives.

This has been a problem since the beginning of internet chess. Blocking is probably your best option.

@NoobBatter blocking will prevent future matchups with the exception of meeting the same opponents in tornaments. Though many dedicated tounament players will want to resign or play out the game in order to start the next game as soon as possible. But the problem will never be 100% unavoidable.

There's one thing that makes me mad. Why is allowed to start simultaneously BULLET games?
The player is in a lost position, leaves the game without resigning, and starts another one while I'm waiting the time run out like an idiot! You really should not be allowed to play 2 bullet games in the same time.

For me it is the real bad point here. And there are more and more people who leaves the game when they start to lose. i think the temporary ban is inefficient. Maybe a lot of warning before to be banned or a too short ban. L know we just have to block them and let things done bur it make me feel upset. i even cannot understand why they play chess. please enforce your ban !!

My suggestion: when someone leaves without corectly ending the game he starts his next game with some time penalty. Banning is ineffective, as you say, hit them where it hurts.


Is somebody from lichess even reading this at all?
No feedback?