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  3. Longer blocked list

Would there be any chance of expanding the blocked list ? It is not hard to find 500 players who are either sandbagging/won't stop challenging you or simply being jerks and then you end up dealing with them again when they fall off the end of the list.

Yes. There is a way. Just close your account, leave lichess,and playing in a different website. This way, you are not going to face anybody who annoys you here.

Hangrad , I checked , you're already on my blocked list . One can only wonder how that happened .

If I have problems with more than 500 users than the problem might be someone else!?

Well , with a population of at least 250,000 players , 500 would represent aprox 0.2 percent of players who behave badly .

If Lichess has created an environment where 99.8 percent of the people behave properly than I apologize for my suggestion.


There are 250,000 players, but do you meet all of them? No.

You have played 9350 games, but let's say 10,000. Assuming you never play an opponent more than once, it means you blocked 1 out of 20 of your opponents, or 5%. In reality it should be higher because of my over rounding and assumptions.

Surely there aren't that many people who behave badly!

Anyway if you really really need more space in your list you can go through it to find closed accounts that you can remove (over time they become quite numerous)

Make a long friend list and default deny the rest.
or grow better till 500 represents a large enough percentage.
or steal a plane. yee-haw!

I very well deserve to be at the block list after that game. In the bullet game, instead for accepting a draw offer in drawn position, I kept trying to win on time. Every bullet player does that. This guy needs to use friend list and not play anyone who is not his friend.

This bullet game had a 3 second move allowance , the last 15 moves ( when it was a dead draw ) I was gaining time not losing it.

Thankfully the 3 move rule ended it.

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